"One of my clients brought in her original Slim Image and we took a new pic of her at the weight she was supposed to lose in the Slim Image (60lbs). The accuracy of the Slim Image was amazing. Now this is a client who I really didn't think was going to continue with the program, but the Slim Image really made her want more."

Rika Edge, Owner
Physicians Weight Loss Center
Pensacola, Florida

"During the first day that we offered weight loss imaging services to our clients, we generated an additional $7,000 of revenue that we otherwise would not have earned. The response by our patients was unbelievable. Having the ability to help them visualize their weight management targets is a tremendous benefit for our program, and a strong motivator for our patients."

Robert Fortuna, D.O.
Medical Solutions, L.L.C.
Scottsdale, Arizona

"The results from our 'See yourself 30 pounds thinner' campaign were outstanding. The phones really started ringing, and the prospective patients weren't disappointed...they loved the imaging service, and many committed to our program on the spot."

Ira Rosen, CEO
New Day Weight Management Group
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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