Before And After Weight Loss Images

I bet you have seen the before and after weight loss images online. If you haven’t, then check them out. They are really fun to see and one gets really inspired by watching how a person and his body has transformed from his old picture to the new one.

Watching such pictures can make you wish if it is possible to see how you would look at your ideal weight. Most of us want to fit in dresses which are 2 sizes down our own size. And we often use our imagination to picture how that would look.

People with sharp imagination can do that, but even then, the picture in our mind doesn’t stay there for long and therefore cannot provide a constant motivation to work towards that ideal size. But let me tell you a secret. Now with digital photo imaging, it is possible to actually see yourself on a computer screen in that ideal size.

The innovative technology that does that is known as weight loss imaging. There are many sites which can provide before and after weight loss images. There is one in which you upload your own photo and ideal weight and you will be sent back a picture of you in a slimmer age. It is almost unbelievable to see it at first and provides you great motivation to workout and become the person in the new photo.

All you need to do now is take a print and stick it up in your room or better yet on the fridge!


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