Weight Loss Image Simulator

Weight loss image simulator is a fantastic tool in which you can easily transform your picture into a slimmer you.

Some of the websites which offer this simulator are really easy to work with. The steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is go to the site and follow simple instructions. Usually the steps include first uploading one of your suitable pictures. A full body frontal photo is usually the best one to select. When the picture is uploaded, it will come in front of you. This will usually be labeled as ‘before.’

The next step is that you have to enter your current height and weight. Then select a part or whole of your body with the weight gain/loss selector. For example you can select only your face, or perhaps the lower abdomen area.

There will usually be a scroll bar at the side of your picture showing a weight gain and loss range. The good thing is that the scroll bar is also colored according to your BMI.

The weight range that is normal to your BMI will be green and the other areas will be of different colors. Now select a weight in which you want to see your image transform into. As soon as you select your ideal weight, see your picture change into the new you almost instantly.

You can also download a weight loss image simulator to your iphone and keep this magic mirror in your pocket at all times.


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