Weight Loss Before After Images

The web space is filled with weight loss before after images. You can even see them in magazines and newspapers, displaying an ad of a new product or diet which can reduce weight in record time effortlessly to resemble the thinner model (who is usually size zero) in the advertisement.

These weight loss before after images are not real. One of the clues leading to this fact is that both, overweight and slim models are always wearing the same clothes, standing in the exact same position. These images are created by a weight loss imaging software, which is becoming quite common these days.

In fact there are even sites which can provide these weight loss before and after images of you for free. And many people do try them too. Where many of them create these images for a positive purpose that is for motivation to actually achieve weight loss, others just do it for fun. There are also those who use these fake images of themselves to use as a profile picture on one of the social networking site. Quite canny isn’t it?

Many of these weight loss simulating sites have closed down, but there are few still running. Out of those you can make a choice if you want your actual weight loss before after images or virtual images. Your actual photos will be achieved once you have uploaded your own photo, where as in virtual imaging you create a virtual model that resembles just like you by giving information on your physical features.


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